Environmental Boat Washing and Detailing

Some marine biologists feel that the concentration of dead marine growth on boats and in boat harbors can create hypoxic zones or a lack of oxygen. This causes a decline in the water quality and may at times cause adverse effects on living marine life such as salmon in the case of the State of Washington. Also some paints have heavy metals in them, which come off with the use of pressure washers. If you coat the boat with our glass-coating product and wash it with our readily environmentally biodegradable soap, we can actually re-oxygenate the water.

Since it takes about 80 gallons of water to clean the hull of a 30 foot boat there may be as much as 30 gallons of un-evaporated water to pick up in a dry dock situation where soap is used. After removing dead marine growth you will notice an unfriendly odor. So use the product:

Reclaim Odor Control 1-800-992-5892 or

Clean Control 1-800-841-3904

to put in your reclaim tank. Perhaps even spray some on the area and do another quick rinse. If there is no smell many times there will be no one asking questions, even if you are not doing anything wrong.

The environmental people of various agencies seem to classify the effluent's particulate into categories such as: Large chunks of organic and non-organic material. Seaweed, mussels, etc., chips of paint, gel coat and pieces of boat hulls; Smaller pieces of the same material which can be seen but are barely visible; Microscopic particulates which cause wash water to be murky or muddy or oxidation which causes water to colorize itself to the color of the hull being cleaned.

This is why in states such as Washington, Florida or California you should use proper waste disposal BMP's - Best Management Practices.

Environmental Procedures for boat cleaning are serious; do it right, do it efficiently and think about it.

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